Chinese Recipe : Supreme Soy Sauce Pigeon


 Pigeon :  4 pieces
 Ginger juice :  2 tsp
 Oil :  4 tbsp
 Ginger :  3 slices
 Rice Wine :  1tsp
 Light Soy Sauce :  1/2 cup
 Sugar :  2 tsp
 Water :  4 cups


1. Wash pigeons, then wipe them to dry.


2. Heat 4tbsp of oil in wok and saute the ginger. Then, saute the pigeons until the skin color is changed to yellow.


3. Add “Rice Wine” and “Ginger Juice”.


4. Then, add “Light Soy Sauce” and “Water”.


5.Cover it and turn heat to medium for 20 minutes. Turn the pigeons over for every 5mins.


6.After 20 minutes, turn the pigeons over. Switch off the heat and cover it again for 5 mins.

7. Pour some sauce over pigeons when serve.