Chinese Recipe : Sweet and Sour Fish


 Yellow Croaker Fish  :
 3 wholes, about 700g
 eggs :
 1 pieces
 Red Pepper :
 1 piece
 Onion :
 3/4 piece
 Flesh Pineapple :
 Flour (For coating Fillet) :
 3 tbsp
 Oil :
 for frying
 Garlic (pounded) :
 1 piece
 Ginger (pounded):
 3 slices
 Rice vinegar:
 Salt :
 1/2 tsp
Marinade(A)-For Fish
Salt :
Ground White Pepper :
Sour Sauce  
Slab Suger (finely chopped) / Brown sugar:
Lemon Juice :
Water :
Onion :
1/4 piece
Oil :



2. Clean and dry the fillets. Rub fillet with salt and white pepper. Set aside for 1 hour.

3. Sour sauce

Heat 1tbsp oil in wok. Turn the heat to medium. Stir-Fry onion until soft and golden brown. Remove the Onion and add the mixture of Slab Suger, Lemon juice and water. Cook until the sauce sticky.


 4.Cut the Red Pepper, Onion and Pineapple into pieces and set aside.

5. Remove yolk from egg white. Mix fillet with eggs white. Then, coat evenly with flour.

 6. Deep-fry in boiling oil until cooked.

7. Heat 2tbsp oil in wok. Stir-fry the garlic, ginger and salt (1/2tsp). Then, add Red Pepper and Onion. Mix them well. Then add Rice vinegar.


 8. Add Pineapple and Fillet. Then add the Sour sauce and mix all the ingredients well.

9. Ready to serve.