Chinese Recipe : Shao Xing Wine Preserved Chicken

 Dressed Chicken  1 whole (about 1200g)
 Shao Xing Wine  1.5 cup
 Ginger (Sliced and pounded)  About 50g
 Spring Onion  1 sprig
 Fish Sauce  2 tbsp
 Salt  1 tbsp



1. Cut Spring Onion in section. Slice and pound the Ginger.


2. Rinse the chicken and wipe it to dry. Rub the chicken with 1 tbsp of salt inside and outside. Place spring onion and ginger into chicken. Then marinate for 15 minutes.


3. Heat up the Shao Xing Wine until tiny bubbles appear. Turn off the heat and let it cool. (Tips : Don’t add Fish sauce or salt in this process. Otherwise, taste may turn bitter.)

4. Steam the chicken over high heat for 25 minutes (depend on chicken size). Then soak in ice water and let it cool.


5. After the Steamed Chicken Sauce cool down, mix it with Shao Xing wine and 2 tbsp of Fish Sauce.


6. Pour the mixed sauce onto the chicken. Stand until flavor penetrated for about 2 hours. Turn the chicken over for every 15 minutes.

7. Cut into pieces and pour some sauce when Serve!


 Steps for cutting Chicken

 1. Cut off neck

2. Cut off legs

3. Cut off wings

 4. Cut off thighs from the joint

5.Cut off thighs

6. Cut from the tail.

7. Knife along the backbone and cut it into halves

8. Place the halves in opposite. Cut into pieces.

9. Place it on a plate

10. Slightly pat the breasts.


11. Cut it into halves. Then cut it into pieces.

12.Place it on a plate

13. Cut thighs in piece

14. Place thighs and wings on plate