Chinese Recipe : Fried Stuffed Chili


 Chili :
 10 pieces
 Dace fillet (Mud Carp fish):
 400 g
 Dried Shrimps (Soaked) :
 30 g
 Spring Onion (Chopped) :
 2 sprigs
 Water Chestnut (Chopped) :
 2 pcs
 Salt :
 1/2 tsp
 White pepper :
 Water :
 2 tbsp (For minced Fish)
 Oil :
 2 tbsp
 Soy Sauce :
 2 tbsp



2. Mix diced fillet and dried shrimps. Chop for about 10mins. Chop 2 sprigs of Spring Onion.

 sshot-05 sshot-06
 sshot-07  sshot-11

3.  Peeled, Rinse and Chop the Water Chestnut (2 pcs)


4. Add “Water Chestnut”, “chopped spring onion”,”Salt (1/2 tsp)”, “white pepper (pinch)” and “water 2tbsp” to the minced dace. Stir in one direction until sticky.


6. Remove the head of Chili.


7. Open and cored the Chili.


8. Stuffed with minced fish.


9. Heat the fry pan with oil. Saute the Fish side first.  Then cover it until the Chili and Fish done (about 2 minutes)


10. Add “Light soy sauce”. Then cover it for about half minute. Dish it up.