Chinese Recipe : Fujian Fried Rice



 Rice 4 bowls
 Egg 2 pcs
 Scallop 100 g
 minced Pork 100 g
 Chinese Kale 300g
 Garlic (pounded)  3 pcs
 Ginger (pounded)  1 slice
 Spring Onion ( chopped)  1 sprig
 Oil  3 tbsp(for fried rice),1 tbsp(for minced pork)
 Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp(for fried rice), 1 tbsp(for minced pork)
 Oyster Sauce  1 tbsp
 Salt  Dash
 Corn Starch  1 tbsp
 Water  1/2 cup


 sshot-02 DSC03819
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1.  2 eggs, beaten. set aside



Diced Scallops:100g, set aside

minced pork : 100g

pounded Garlic :3pcs,  pounded Ginger:1slice,  chopped Spring Onion: 1 sprig

Rinse and Dice the Chinese Kale (300g)

 sshot-03 sshot-04

2. Heat 3 tbsp of oil. Stir-fry the beaten egg.

 sshot-05 sshot-06
 sshot-07  sshot-08

3.  add about 4 bowls of rice and mix it with egg. Then add 1 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce, mix it well.

Add the spring onion and mix it well.  After 1 minute, transfer the fried rice to a serving dish.

 sshot-09 sshot-10
 sshot-11 sshot-12

4.  Bring water to boil. Blanch the Chinese Kale until done. Then, add Scallop and blanch it for half minute. After half minute, dish it up and set aside.


 sshot-13 sshot-14

 5. Saute the garlic and ginger with 1 tbsp of oil. Add minced pork and stir-fry until the pork done. Then, add 1 tbsp of light soy sauce

 sshot-17 sshot-18
 sshot-19 sshot-20

6. Add Chinese Kale and Scallop. Then, add 1 tbsp of Oyster Sauce. Mix all ingredients well. Add salt to taste.



Then, add Corn starch water (mixture of water (1/2 cup) and 1 tbsp of Corn starch)


7. stir-fry until the sauce sets slightly, pour it over rice.


8. Serve!