Chinese Recipe : Shanghai Fried Noodles



 -Ingredient for 2 noodles




 Dried Chinese Mushroom







 about 150 g

 Thick Noodles




 -Seasoning:for Chinese Mushroom-





 1/2 tbsp


 6 cups



 -Marinade:for pork-




 Corn Starch




 Light Soy Sauce




 -Seasoning:For Stir-fry the pork-






 Light Soy Sauce

 1/2 tbsp



 -Seasoning:For Egg-








 -Seasoning:For Cabbage-



 1/2 tbsp

 Ginger (pounded)



 1/4 tsp


 1/2 cup



 -Seasoning:For Thick Noodles-




 Light Soy Sauce







1. Soak 30 g of Dried Chinese Mushroom to soft. Then, rinse the Chinese mushroom when it is softed.

Squeeze out the water from Chinese mushroom. 





2.  Cut off the stems, Shred Chinese Mushroom

Put the Chinese mushroom and about 6 cups of water into a pot, add 1 tsp of Sugar, 1/2 tbsp of oil. Bring it to boil over high heat. Then, turn heat to slow and cook for 40 mins





3.  Cut 200g of pork into strips. Mix it with 1 tbsp of oil, 1 tsp of corn starch, 1 tsp of Sugar and 1 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce





4.  Three Eggs and 1/4 tsp of salt. Beat the eggs





5. heat 2 tbsp of oil,  fry the egg

Cut the egg into strips





6. Cabbage (about 150g), tear the Cabbage into pieces,

Rinse the cabbage






7. heat 1/2 tbsp of oil,  pounded ginger and 1/4 tsp of salt, add Cabbage,

after stir-fry for about half minute, add half cup of water. Then, cover it.

after 1 minute, dish it up and set aside







8. heat 2 tbsp of oil over medium heat, Stir-fry the Thick Noodles for about 3 mins,

add 1 cup of mushroom soup

after 1 minute, add 1 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce. Mix it well. Then, dish it up and set aside.





9. heat 1 tbsp of oil. Saute the pounded Garlic. Stir-fry the pork

after half minute, add 1/2 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce, mix it well. Then, add mushroom and 1/2 cup of mushroom soup, mix it well.





10. after half minute, add the noodle, Cabbage, and Egg strips. Mix it well. Serve!



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