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Chinese Recipe :Stewed Pig’s Knuckle with Preserved Vegetables



 Preserved Vegetables (Gan Cai Sun)  250g
 Pig’s Knuckle  1500g
 Ginger few slices
 Slab sugar or Brown sugar 1piece or 80g
 Light Soy Sauce 1 tbsp
 Oil 1 tbsp
 Water few cups


 DSC04196 sshot-01
 sshot-02 sshot-19

1.  Wash the preserved Vegetables, then drain

 DSC04201 sshot-05
 sshot-06 sshot-07

2. Cut the Pig’s Knuckle into pieces. Blanch the Pig’s Knuckle with boiling water for about one minute.  Rinse the Pig’s Knuckle, then drain.

 sshot-08  sshot-09

3. Saute the Sliced Gingers with 1 tbsp of oil. Add Preserved Vegetables and Slab Sugar (80g). Then, Add two cups of water.

 sshot-11 sshot-12
 sshot-15  sshot-17

4. Add Pig’s Knuckle.  Add water to cover the ingredients.  Add 1tbsp of Light Soy sauce.  Mix the ingredients.  Bring water to Boil. Then, simmer for 45 minutes.



5.  After 45 minutes, Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Stewed Pig’s Knuckle with Supreme Soya Sauce

Pig’s Knuckle :
 1 piece (about 1kg)
Seasonings :

Ginger juice :
Rice Wine :
1/2 tsp
chicken stock :
1/2 cup
Light Soy Sauce :
3 tbsp
Dark Soy Sauce :
1/2 tbsp
Fish sauce :
1 tbsp
Salt :
1/2 tsp
Sugar :
1 tsp
Tsaoko amomum :
1 pcs
for Stewing

1. Scrap off tiny hair from the knuckle, rinse.  Blanch the knuckle with boiling water for about 15 mins.