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Chinese Recipe : Deep-fried Spareribs with lemon grass

 Pork Spareribs  600 g
 Self Raising Flour  about 1/2 – 1 cup
 Oil  1/2 tbsp for Batter , for deep-fry
 Water  For mixing “Self Raising Flour”
 Cornstarch  2 tbsp
 Celery Juice  3 tbsp
 Lemon grass  1 sprig
 Sugar  1 tsp
 Oil  1/2 tbsp
 Egg White  1
 Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp
 Salt  1/4 tsp


1. Mix Pork Spareribs with constarch.


2. Use the white portion of Lemon Grass only. Mince the lemon grass.


3. Prepare 3 tbsp of Celery Juice


4. Prepare the Marinade. Mix Celery Juice,Lemon grass,Oil,Egg White, salt, sugar and Light Soy sauce. Then, mix the Marinade and Pork Spareribs well. Set aside and marinate for half day to 1 day. It is better to stir the  Pork Spareribs in every 2 hours for better Marinade.


5.  After half day, separate Pork Spareribs and marinade. Mix the Marinade with “Self Raising Flour” and 1/2 tbsp of “Oil”. Add water gradually and stir well to a smooth batter. Then, Mix it with Pork Spareribs just before deep-frying.


6. Heat 1/2 wok of oil, deep-fry Pork Spareribs in medium hot oil and fry until golden in color, remove and drain. In the meantime, reheat oil to the maximum, fry Pork Spareribs again in hot oil for 1/2 minute until golden brown and crispy. Remove and arrange on a plate.

7. Serve!