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Chinese Recipe : Cantonese Red Bean Dumpling

Ingredient for 20 pcs
Black Glutinous Rice 500 g
Glutinous Rice
1200 g
Red Bean
500 g
Salted Egg
10 pcs
Bamboo Leaves

40 pcs (wrapping style “a”)

80 pcs (wrapping style “b”)

Salt 5 tsp
Oil 10 tbsp

1. Rinse Red Bean, Soak for over night and drain.

2. Rinse Black Glutinous Rice, Soak for 2 hours and drain.

3.Rinse Glutinous Rice, Soak for 2 hours and drain.

4.Mix Oil, Salt, Black Glutinous Rice and Glutinous Rice well. Rest for 1 hour. Then mix with Red Bean.

5.Wash the Salted Egg. Get the Yolk and cut it into half.

6. Cook bamboo leaves in boiling water until soft (about 3 minutes). Remove, wipe it to clean and trim both ends.

 7. Wrap the ingredients with leaves and tie with string.


8.Bring large amount of water to boil. Then turn heat to medium and cook for 3.5 hours.


Use Pressure Cooker :

Cook for 35 mins after boiling. Then, switch off the fire and let it rest inside the cooker for 30 mins before open the cooker lid.


(wrapping style “a”)


(wrapping style “b”)

9. You may serve it with sugar!

Chinese Recipe : Ginger Flavoured Sweet Dumplings

 Ingredients for 16 balls  
 Glutinous rice flour :
 Rice Flour :
 2 tbsp
 Water :
 Slab sugar or Brown Sugar :
 1/2 piece or 30g
 Ginger Flavoured Syrup
 Ginger juice :
 1.5 tbsp
 Slab Sugar :
 1.5 pcs (about 90g)
 Water :
 2 cups



1 Sieve glutinous rice flour and rice flour into bowl. Add water gradually and stir until soft dough is formed. Divide into 16 small balls.

2. Divide half Slab sugar into 16 small pieces.



3. Make a deep dent in each ball and place in a piece of small slab sugar. Close gap and roll into a ball.


4. Put dumplings into half pan of boiling water. Boil it until the dumplings are floating. Dish it up for next step.


5. Method for Ginger Flavoured Syrup: Boil  ginger juice with Slab sugar and water.



6. Put the Dumplings into the syrup. And Boiling for half minute. Serve!