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Chinese Recipe : Shanghai Smoked Fried Fish



 Grass Carp Belly 600 g
 Sliced Ginger 2 slices
 Spring Onion 2 sprigs
 Plain Flour 2 tbsp
 Oil for deep fry
 – Marinade –   
 Rice Wine 1 tsp
 Light Soy Sauce 1 tbsp
 Sugar 1 tsp
 Ground white pepper  dash
 Oil 1 tbsp
– Sauce –  
 Light Soy Sauce 3 tbsp
 Water 3 tbsp
 Sugar 3 tbsp
 Rice Wine 1 tsp


grass carp-1

For reference: This is Grass Carp. In the United States, the fish is also known as White Amur. It is cultivated in China for food, but was introduced in Europe and the United States for aquatic weed control.


1. Rinse and wipe the fish to dry. Cut it into sections


2. Prepare the marinade : Mix  Rice Wine (1tsp), Light Soy Sauce (1 tbsp), Sugar (1tsp), Ground white pepper (Dash), Oil (1 tbsp)

 sshot-06  sshot-07

 3.  Mix the fish and marinade well. Then Marinate for about 30 mins.

 sshot-08  sshot-09

 4.  after 30 mins,  transfer the fish to a pot. Add 2 tbsp of plain flour and Mix it well.

 sshot-11  sshot-12
 sshot-13  sshot-14

5.  Heat up the oil. Deep fry the fish for about 3 mins. Bring the colour of bottom side to light brown. Then, turn the fish over and deep fry the other side.

 sshot-15 sshot-16

 6.  after about 2 mins, colour of the other side is changed to light brown. Dish it up and set aside.


7. Prepare the sauce : Light Soy sauce (3 tbsp), Water ( 3 tbsp), Sugar (3 tbsp), Rice wine ( 1 tsp)

 sshot-21 sshot-22
 sshot-23 sshot-26

8.  Saute the Ginger and spring onion with 1 tbsp of oil. Then turn the heat to medium.

Add the sauce and bring it to boil for about half minute. Then, add the fish and mix it well.


9. Serve!