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[Hong Kong Recipe] : Thai Lemongrass Chicken Wings

Chinese Recipe : Pan-fried Chicken Wings



 Chicken Wingette



 1 tbsp



 Marinade :


 Ginger Juice

 1 tbsp

 Rice Wine

 1 tbsp

 Light Soy Sauce

 2 tbsp


 1 tsp




1.  Wash chicken Wingette (900g). Then, drain the chicken Wingette





2. Peel the Ginger, then grate it. Queeze out 1 tbsp of  ginger juice from the grated pieces



3. Add Ginger Juice (1tbsp), Rice Wine (1 tbsp), Light Soy Sauce (2tbsp) and Salt (1tsp) to the mixing bowl. Then,mix it with chicken Wingette. Marinate chicken Wingette for half hour




4.after half hour, mix the chicken Wingette again. Then, cover with plastic wrap and marinade in refrigerator over night


5. On the next day, pull them out of refrigerator 30 minutes prior to cooking



6.  after 30 mins, add 1 tbsp of oil and Chicken Wingette. After the chicken Wingette is placed, switch on the fire with medium heat. Pan frying under the lid for about 2.5 minutes. Let the core of Chicken Wingette easier to well-done



7. after about 2 and half mins, turn the Chicken Wingettes over. Then, cover it again. Pan frying under the lid for about 2.5 minutes



8. after about 2 and half mins, turn them over again. After half minute, turn it over again. Turning the Chicken Wingetter over and over until the skin turn golden brown colour


9.Place an oil absorbing paper on dish. Then, dish it up.

Chinese recipe : Fried Chicken Wing with Spring Onion

 Chicken Wing

 4 pieces


 1 tbsp





 Spring Onion

 1 sprig


 1 clove

 Light Soy sauce

 1 tsp

 Dark Soy sauce

 1 tsp

 Sesame oil

 few drop


 1/2 tsp

 Ginger Juice

 1/2 tsp


 1/2 tsp

 Chicken Power

 1/4 tsp


1. Wash Chicken wing, then wipe it to dry.



2. Chop Spring onion and Shallot.



3. Rub the chicken rings with the Marinade. Then place it in refrigerator for 3 hour.



 4. Heat oil, then fry the chicken wing until the skin color is changed to golden.



5. Add the Marinade



6. Cover by lid for a while to let the chicken wing well done. 

7. Serve!