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Chinese Soup Recipe : Kudzu with Snake-head Fish Soup

 Ingredients for 20 bowls of soup
 Kudzu  1.2kg
 Snake-head Fish  1 whole
 Pork (Lean Meat)  600 g
 Dried Tangerine peel  2 pieces
 Preserved Date  5 pieces
 Sweet apricot kernels  80 g
 Water  20 cups
 Salt  little


1. Prepare above ingredient (Sweet apricot kernels,Preserved Date and Dried Tangerine peel. Rinse Dried Tangerine peel.


2. Put the pork into boiling water for a minute. Then, drain.


3. Rinse the fish. Remove the fish blood. Then, cook it in boiling water for a minute. Cut it into large pieces and put it into a soup bag.


4.Wash the Kudzu. Put the Kudzu into boiling water for one minute. Then, drain.


5. Put all ingredients into a pot. Bring water to boil on high heat. Then, switch to slow heat and cook for 3 hours. In the meantime, re-fill water if necessary.

6. Add Salt before serve!