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Chinese Recipe: Lotus Root with Pork, Pork Liver and Octopus Soup



 Lotus Root  1.2 kg
 Dried Octopus  2pcs / 150g
 Pork (Lean meat)  600g
 Pork Liver  150g
 Water  12 cups
 Salt  Seasoning


 DSC07689  sshot-01
 sshot-04 sshot-07

1. Peeling Lotus Root (1.2 kg). Remove both ends of Lotus Root. Rinse it, then put it into Slow cooker.

DSC07701 DSC07695
sshot-10 sshot-11

2.  Dried Octopus (2pcs, about 150 g). Soak the Octopus to soft (about 30 mins).  Wash and remove the skin of Octopus.

DSC07692 DSC07693
sshot-13 sshot-14

3.  Pork (Lean meat) : 600 g,  Pork Liver : 150 g

Put the Pork and Liver into water. Bring water to boil. Boil it for 2 mins. After boiling for 2 mins, transfer the pork and liver to slow cooker

sshot-15 sshot-16
sshot-18  sshot-21

4.  add the Octopus,  add about 12 cups of boiling water to cover the ingredients

Bring water to boil. Then, switch it to slow heat and cook for 2.5 hours.