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Chinese Recipe:Watercress with Blotched snakehead Fish Soup(for 12 persons)



 Dried Tangerine peel  2 pcs
 Dried Honey Dates  100g
 Sweet Apricot Kernel  70g
 Ginger  1 slice
 Water   20 cups
 Dried Octopus  2pcs (about 150g)
 Watercress  1.8kg
 Blotched Snakehead Fish  1 whole, about 900g
 Pork (lean meat)  600g
 Salt  1 tsp


DSC09907 DSC09905

1. Dried Tangerine peel : 2pcs.  Soak it to soft, remove the white layer

 DSC09919 shot-02

2.  Dried Honey Dates :100g, rinse it

DSC09914 shot-04

3. Sweet Apricot Kernel : 70g, rinse it

 shot-12 shot-13

4. pound a thick slice of Ginger, put Dried Tangerine peel,  Dried Honey Dates, Sweet Apricot Kernel, Ginger and 20 cups of Water into slow cooker. Bring water to boil.

DSC09909 shot-06
shot-08 shot-09

5. Dried Octopus: 2pcs (about 150g).  soak it to soft (at least half hour)

remove the octopus skin

DSC09925 shot-10

6. Watercress:1.8kg, wash the Watercress

DSC09932 shot-14
shot-16 shot-17


7. Blotched Snakehead Fish:1whole(about 900g), remove the fish scales by knife (if any)

cut it into halves, make two cuts on back  (release the flavour to soup easier), wash the fish, remove the fish blood

set it aside after wash

shot-18 shot-19
shot-20 shot-21

8.  Pork(Lean meat) : 600g, remove the attached fat, bring water to boil with the pork together.

keep boiling for 3 mins.  after 3 mins, transfer the pork to the slow cooker


9. add octopus to slow cooker

shot-23 shot-24
shot-25 shot-26

10.  put the fish into boiling water, after half minute, wash the fish. remove the slime on skin

put fish into soup bag, put the soup bag into slow cooker

shot-27 shot-31
shot-32 shot-34

11.  bring water to boil, then, put half of Watercress into boiling water (if too many Watercress, do this twice).

after 1 minute,transfer the watercress into slow cooker

shot-35 shot-36

12. Too full. Keep some water for later use. Refill the water when some water is evaporated.

bring water to boil over high heat.  then, cook over slow heat for 2.5 hours


13.  after 2.5 hours, add salt before serve (1 tsp of Salt is added here)



if cook the Watercress before water is boiling, the soup will taste bitter. that’s why must bring water to boil before adding Watercress

if put many watercress into a slow cooker in the same time, the slow cooker need to spend long time to bring water to boil again. Soup taste bitter

so, use boiling water to heat Watercress separately first. Then, transfer the hot Watercress into slow cooker (water in slow cooker is boiling)

by this method, slow cooker can bring water to boil again in short time. no bitter taste.



Chinese Recipe: Lotus Root with Pork, Pork Liver and Octopus Soup



 Lotus Root  1.2 kg
 Dried Octopus  2pcs / 150g
 Pork (Lean meat)  600g
 Pork Liver  150g
 Water  12 cups
 Salt  Seasoning


 DSC07689  sshot-01
 sshot-04 sshot-07

1. Peeling Lotus Root (1.2 kg). Remove both ends of Lotus Root. Rinse it, then put it into Slow cooker.

DSC07701 DSC07695
sshot-10 sshot-11

2.  Dried Octopus (2pcs, about 150 g). Soak the Octopus to soft (about 30 mins).  Wash and remove the skin of Octopus.

DSC07692 DSC07693
sshot-13 sshot-14

3.  Pork (Lean meat) : 600 g,  Pork Liver : 150 g

Put the Pork and Liver into water. Bring water to boil. Boil it for 2 mins. After boiling for 2 mins, transfer the pork and liver to slow cooker

sshot-15 sshot-16
sshot-18  sshot-21

4.  add the Octopus,  add about 12 cups of boiling water to cover the ingredients

Bring water to boil. Then, switch it to slow heat and cook for 2.5 hours.



Chinese Recipe : Pig’s stomach with Beancurd Sheet Soup



 Ingredients for Soup  
 Pig’s Stomach 1 pcs
 Water Chestnut 600g
 Ginkgo 150g
 Pork (Lean meat) 300g
 Dried Tangerine Peel 1 pcs
 White Pepper about 10 pcs
 Beancurd Sheet 150 g
 Water 9 cups
 Ingredients for washing Pig’s Stomach
 Salt  2 tbsp
 cornstarch  2 tbsp
 Oil  2 tbsp
 Ginger (pounded)
 1 slice


 A. Preparation – Wash the Pig’s Stomach

sshot-1 sshot-2

1. Cut off the fat. Then, flip the Stomach and remove the dirt.

sshot-4 sshot-5

2. Use 1 tbsp of salt to rub with Pig’s Stomach for about half minute. Then, Rinse it and do this process again.

sshot-10 sshot-11
sshot-12 sshot-13

3. Use 1 tbsp of cornstarch and 1 tbsp of oil to rub with Pig’s Stomach for about half minute. Then, Rinse it and do this process again.

sshot-18 sshot-19

4. Put Pig’s stomach into boiling water. After 2 minutes, put it into water.

sshot-20 sshot-21
sshot-22 sshot-23

5. Scratch the outer thin layer off. Flip the Pig’s Stomach, cut the fat and rinse it. Then, flip the Pig’s stomach again.

sshot-24 sshot-26

6. Bring water to boil with a pounded ginger. Then, boil the pig’s stomach again for 3 minutes.

sshot-28 DSC02891

7. Put it into water and flip it again. The Pig’s stomach is ready for cooking.


 B. Cooking Method

 DSC03781  DSC03778

1. Prepare Water Chestnut 600g and Ginkgo 150g. Remove the pith of Ginkgo.


2. Put the Pork into boiling water for 1 minute.

 sshot-2  sshot-4

 3. Bring 9 cups of water with Ginkgo, Water Chestnut, Pig’s Stomach and Pork to boil.


4. Rinse and clean the Dried Tangerine peel

 sshot-6  sshot-7

 5. Put few pieces of White Pepper into Pig’s Stomach.


6.Put Tangerine Peel and the boiled ingredients into Slow Cooker. Bring water to boil over high heat. Then switch it to slow.

 sshot-9  sshot-10


7. Rinse the Beancurd Sheet. Then put it into slow cooker.


8. Boil until Pig’s Stomach soft. (around 2 hours)