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Chinese Recipe : Stewed Chicken with Potato and Tomato



 Chicken 1 whole
 Potato 900g
 Onion 1 piece
 Ginger about 5 slices
Shallot about 5 cloves
 Carrot 200g
 Potato 3pcs
 Celery about 150g
 Bacon 2 slices
 Oil 3 tbsp
 Red Wine 2 tbsp
 Sugar 3 tsp
 Salt 1 tsp


 sshot-01  sshot-02
 sshot-04  DSC07653

1. Remove the chicken neck and head, cut it into half. Wash the chicken. Then, cut it into pieces.

DSC07654 sshot-08
sshot-09 DSC07660

 2.  Peel and cut Potato (900g) into pieces. Rinse the potato. Then, set it aside for later use.

 sshot-10  sshot-11

3. Prepare one Onion, peel and cut it into pieces. About 5 slices of Ginger. About 5 cloves of Shallot.


 sshot-13  sshot-14

4.  Carrot : 200g, Peel and cut it into pieces


 DSC07670 sshot-15

5.  Tomato : 3 pcs, Rinse and cut it into pieces


 sshot-16  sshot-17

 6. Celery : about 150g, Rinse and cut it into sections

 DSC07666  DSC07668

7. Bacon : 2 slices. Cut it into sections

 sshot-18  sshot-20
 sshot-21  sshot-22

8. Heat the oil (3 tbsp) , add Ginger,Onion and Shallot first.

Then, add Bacon and Celery,Saute the ingredient for about one minute.

 sshot-25 sshot-26

9. Add Chicken, stir-fry the ingredients for about 1.5 minute. Then, add 2 tbsp of Red wine.

 sshot-27  sshot-28

10. Add 3 tsp of Sugar and mix them well. Then, add Potato and Carrot. Mix them well.


 sshot-30  sshot-33

 11. Add Tomato and 1 tsp of Salt. Stir Mix the ingredients well.

sshot-35 sshot-36
sshot-37 sshot-38

12.  Transfer all ingredients to a pot. Add water to the level below 1 inch of ingredients surface.

Bring water to boil over high heat. Then, turn heat to slow and stew for 30 minutes.


13. after half hour, Done!


Chinese Recipe : Stewed Chicken Wing with Potato and Onion

 Chicken Wing  8 pieces
 Onion  2 pieces
 Potato  600 g
 Shallot  2 cloves
 Celery  180 g
 – For boiling Chicken Wing –  
 Chinese Rice Wine 1 tbsp
 Ginger 1 slice
 – For Stir-fry Onion –  
 Oil 2 tbsp
 Water 1 cup
 Ginger Few Slices
 – For pan-fry Chicken Wing –  
 Oil 1 tbsp
 Light Soy Sauce 1.5 tbsp
 – For Stewing –  
 Salt  1 tsp
 Sugar  1 tsp



 1. Peel and cut Potato into pieces. Shred onion.



2. Peel and slice Shallot and ginger.


3. Tear old veins off the celery, cut it into lengths.


4. Bring water to boil with Ginger and 1 tbsp of Chinese Rice wine. Add Chicken Wing and cook until the water boiling again for removing the frozen taste. Drain and cut it into pieces.


5. Heat the wok with 2 tbsp of Oil, Shallot and Ginger over slow heat. Add Spring Onion. Fry the Spring onion  until color is changed to golden. Add 1 cup of water and mix it well. Then, switch it to a pot.


6. Heat 1 tbsp of oil on medium heat. Fry chicken wing until the skin color is changed to golden. Add 1.5 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce. Stir-fry until the Light Soy Sauce is absorbed. Switch the Chicken Wing to the pot. Do not wash the wok.


7. Stir-fry Potato until color is changed to golden. Switch the potato to the pot.


8. Add water until the water almost cover the ingredients. Add celery, 1 tsp of Sugar and 1 tsp of Salt. Cover the pot and bring water to boil over high heat. Then turn the heat to slow and stew for 45 minutes.

9. Serve!