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Chinese recipe : Sago and Beans Dessert


 Ingredients for 6 persons  
 Red Bean  90g
 Sago  70g
 Wheat  50g
 Green Bean  40g
 Black Eye Bean  30g
 Peanut  20g
 Red Kidney Bean  30g
 Slab sugar  2pieces (about 120g)
 Coconut Milk  160ml
 Water  7 cups



1. Soak Peanut, Red Bean, Green Bean, Wheat, Red Kidney Bean and Black Eye Bean in water for an hour. Then, Boil them with 7 cups of water for one hour.


2. Soak sago in water for 5 minutes. Then,  put it into  mixture and stir it well. Cover by lid for 10 minutes to make semi-transparent sago.

2. Keep boiling and add in slab sugar until dissolved. Then, add in Coconut Milk.

Serve hot or cold