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Chinese Recipe: Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato


 Beef Brisket + Beef Brisket with Tendon  1.2kg, 600g each
 Ginger  5 slices
 Garlic  2 cloves
 Onion  1 piece
 Celery  200g
 Red Wine  4 tbsp
 Rock Sugar  40g
 Carrot  about 600g
 Tomato  200g
 Salt  1tsp


shot-01 shot-03

1. Beef Brisket + Beef Brisket with Tendon ,600g each

shot-04 shot-05
DSC09788 DSC09790

2. transfer beef Brisket into boiling water for 5 mins. After 5 mins, rinse it, let it cool down, cut it into pieces

DSC09792 DSC09797

3.  pound few slices of Ginger. pound two cloves of Garlic. cut one Onion into pieces

DSC08883 DSC08745

4.Celeryabout 200gTear old veins off the celery, cut it into lengths.

shot-07 DSC09802
shot-08 DSC09806

5. heat 3 tbsp of Oil over medium heat, saute Ginger,Garlic,Onion and Celery. after 1 minute, add Beef Brisket. switch heat to high. 

add 2 tbsp of Red Wine, mix it. after half minute, transfer all ingredients to a pot for braising

DSC09809 shot-09

6. add 40 g of Rock Sugar, add water until water level reach the top

shot-10 shot-11

7. 2 pcs of Carrot (about 600 g),peel and cut it into pieces

transfer it to the pot

shot-13 shot-14

8. halve the tomatos (200g).Transfer it to the pot

shot-15 shot-16

9. Bring water to boil over high heat. Then, turn the heat to slow and stew for One hour

shot-17 shot-18
shot-19 DSC09825

10.  Potato:600g,peel and cut it into pieces

Then, soak it in water for a while, prevent the surface colour turn black. 

Set it aside for later use


shot-20 shot-22

11. after 1 hour, add the potato. Mix it. Add 1 tsp of Salt, mix it

Cover it and cook for 15 mins

shot-25 shot-26

12. after 15 mins, add 2 tbsp of Red Wine. 

mix it well, cover it and cook for 10 mins more



Chinese Recipe : Pan-fried Chinese Noodlefish with Egg



 Chinese Noodlefis  230 g
 Egg  8 pcs
 Spring Onion  2 sprigs

 1/2 tsp (

Marinate the Fish) ;

 1/2 tsp (seasoning)



 DSC07907  sshot-02

1. Rinse Chinese Noodlefish : 230g

 sshot-04  sshot-05

2. Add 1/2 tsp of Salt. Mix it with fish. Marinate the Fish for 1 hour.

 sshot-09  sshot-10

3. after 1 hour, rinse the fish. Drain the fish, set it aside.

 sshot-11  sshot-13

4. Chop the Spring Onion : 2 sprigs, add 8 Eggs, add 1/2 tsp of Salt. Beat the eggs

 sshot-16  sshot-18
 sshot-19  sshot-23

5. Heat 3 tbsp of oil over medium heat. Pan-fry the Fish first (about 1 minute).

After 1 minute, turn it over, pan-fry the other side of fish for about half minute. Then, mix the pan-fried fish with egg.

 sshot-25  sshot-28
 sshot-29  sshot-34


6. heat 2 tbsp of oil over medium – slow heat, Pour the mixture to fry-pan and form a thin layer.

after about 1 minute, turn it over,

after half minute, dish it up.



Chinese Recipe : Fujian Fried Rice



 Rice 4 bowls
 Egg 2 pcs
 Scallop 100 g
 minced Pork 100 g
 Chinese Kale 300g
 Garlic (pounded)  3 pcs
 Ginger (pounded)  1 slice
 Spring Onion ( chopped)  1 sprig
 Oil  3 tbsp(for fried rice),1 tbsp(for minced pork)
 Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp(for fried rice), 1 tbsp(for minced pork)
 Oyster Sauce  1 tbsp
 Salt  Dash
 Corn Starch  1 tbsp
 Water  1/2 cup


 sshot-02 DSC03819
 DSC03818 DSC03820


1.  2 eggs, beaten. set aside



Diced Scallops:100g, set aside

minced pork : 100g

pounded Garlic :3pcs,  pounded Ginger:1slice,  chopped Spring Onion: 1 sprig

Rinse and Dice the Chinese Kale (300g)

 sshot-03 sshot-04

2. Heat 3 tbsp of oil. Stir-fry the beaten egg.

 sshot-05 sshot-06
 sshot-07  sshot-08

3.  add about 4 bowls of rice and mix it with egg. Then add 1 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce, mix it well.

Add the spring onion and mix it well.  After 1 minute, transfer the fried rice to a serving dish.

 sshot-09 sshot-10
 sshot-11 sshot-12

4.  Bring water to boil. Blanch the Chinese Kale until done. Then, add Scallop and blanch it for half minute. After half minute, dish it up and set aside.


 sshot-13 sshot-14

 5. Saute the garlic and ginger with 1 tbsp of oil. Add minced pork and stir-fry until the pork done. Then, add 1 tbsp of light soy sauce

 sshot-17 sshot-18
 sshot-19 sshot-20

6. Add Chinese Kale and Scallop. Then, add 1 tbsp of Oyster Sauce. Mix all ingredients well. Add salt to taste.



Then, add Corn starch water (mixture of water (1/2 cup) and 1 tbsp of Corn starch)


7. stir-fry until the sauce sets slightly, pour it over rice.


8. Serve!

Chinese recipe : Spring Roll

 Ingredients for 30 pieces Spring Roll  
 Spring roll wrapper 700g
 Shrimps (diced) : 300g
 Minced Pork : 650g
 Chinese Celery 100g
 Chinese Mushroom (soaked to soft and finely chopped) : 4 pieces
 Water chestnut (finely chopped) 2 pieces
 Oil For Deep Fry
 Egg 1
 Seasonings :  
 Ginger Juice 1 tsp
 Salt 1/2 tsp
 Light Soy sauce 1/2 tbsp
 Sugar 1/2 tsp
 Cornstarch 1 tsp


1. Mix and stir the “Minced Pork” and seasonings well.


2. Soak the Mushroom to soft. Chop the Mushroom and Water chestnut finely. And cut the Celery into 1cm length.


3. Heat 1 tbsp of oil. Stir-fry the minced pork. Then, add diced shrimps. Stir the pork and shrimp until well done. Then, add “Celery,Mushroom and Water chestnut”. Stir the ingredients for few minutes.

 4.Then dish up and set aside. Wrapping is ready.

5. Prepare egg paste.

6.Divide the  Spring roll wrapper into 2 half.  Place some wrapping to the center of wrapper. Wrap the spring roll. Apply egg paste for sticking.

7. Heat Oil for deep-fry spring roll. Deep fry the spring roll until the color is changed to golden. Dish it up.