Chinese Recipe : Braised Mutton in Fermented Tofu


 Mutton (chopped into bite-sized)

 1.8 kg

 Green Garlic

 3 sprigs


 100 g


 150 g

 Water chestnut

 200 g

 Dried Tangerine peel

 2 pcs

 Tsaoko amomum

 about 5 g

 Fermented Tofu / Fermented Bean curd / Preserved Bean curd

 10 cubes

 Rock sugar

 15 g

 Rice Wine

 1 tsp


 6 tbsp






1. Sugarcane 150g, cut it into strips


2.  Tsaoko amomum : about 5g, pound it.

DSC01109 shot-01

3. Green Garlic : 3 sprigs. pound it and cut it into sections

DSC08866 shot-02

4. peeled  Water Chestnut : 200g

cut Water Chestnut into halves

DSC01115 shot-05

5. Dried Tangerine peel : 2pcs.  Soak it to soft,remove the white layer.

cut Dried Tangerine peel into strips

DSC01120 DSC01122

6. Rock Sugar : 15g.  Preserved Bean curd : 10 cubes

shot-07 shot-08

7. Ginger 100g,peel and slice it.  Put Ginger into boiling water and cook for 10 mins

after 10 mins, dish it up and set aside

DSC01118 shot-10
shot-12 DSC01127

8. Mutton : 1.8kg, put it into boiling water for 2 mins (for removing the frozen taste)

after 2 mins, rinse the Mutton. dish it up and drain after rinse

(Skip this step if this is fresh Mutton)


shot-13 shot-15
shot-16 shot-17

9. heat 6 tbsp of Oil over high heat, add Ginger. Add Green Garlic.

add Preserved Bean curd, saute it

shot-20 shot-21

10. add the Mutton, mix it.  Add Water Chestnut, Dried Tangerine peel, Rock Sugar.

add 1 tsp of Rice Wine, mix it.

shot-26 shot-28

11. put Sugarcane and Tsaoko amomum to the pot. Then, transfer the sauted ingredients to the pot

shot-29 shot-31
shot-32 shot-34

12.  Add some water to wok, mix it with the sauce attached to wok. Then pour this to the pot.

add water until it cover the ingredients

bring water to boil over high heat. Then, simmer for 1 hour over slow heat. After 1 hour, try the mutton. if the mutton is not soft enough, simmer for half hour more and try it again. repeat this step until it soft


13. add 1/2 tsp of Salt when the Mutton almost soft enough.

(Finally, 2.5 hours is needed for this Mutton)




。。cooking time depend on a variety of Mutton,longer time is needed if this is an old goat。。

。。if this is an old Goat,over 2 hours is needed. If this is a young goat,1.5 hour is enough。。

。。Many Chinese restaurant would like to add “Soya Stick” in this dish.  Soya Stick will absorb most of the taste and fat from mutton sauce and become very tasty. But the side effect is degrading the mutton taste. That is why no “Soya Stick” in this recipe。。