Hong Kong Most Popular Snacks Recipe:White Sugar Sponge Cake



 Rice flour  100g
 Sugar  80g

200 ml (mix with Rice flour)

1/2 tbsp (mix with yeast)

 Yeast  1/2 tsp
 Baking Powder  1/4 tsp

 1/2 tsp (mix with mixture)

 1/2 tsp (apply on dish)


 sshot-01 sshot-02

1.  Mix Rice flour(100g), Sugar(80g) and Water(200ml)

 sshot-03  sshot-04

2. Switch to lowest heat to cook the mixture. Keep stirring during cook.

 sshot-05  sshot-23

3.  Take away from stove when you see lump.  Whisk until smooth without lump. Then put it back to stove.

 sshot-06  sshot-24

 4.  Take it away from stove when the mixture becomes little viscous. Let the mixture cool down to about 35 degree C

 sshot-09  sshot-10
 sshot-11 sshot-12

5. Mix Water (1/2 tbsp), Yeast (1/2 tsp) and Baking Powder(1/4 tsp). Then,  pour it into flour mixture and mix it well.


6. cover it and ferment for 2 hours

sshot-16  sshot-17
sshot-18   sshot-25

7.  After 2 hours, add oil (1/2 tsp) and mix it well.  Apply a thin layer of oil on dish. Then, pour in the mixture.


 sshot-19  sshot-20

8.  Bring water to boil, steam over high heat for 20 minutes



9. Let the cake cool down before serving.