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[Hong Kong Recipe] Steamed Pork with Dried Salted Fish | Family Dishes

Chinese Recipe : Steamed Pork with Salty Fish


 Pork (Collar Meat)  300g
 Salty Fish -Thread Fin  about 90g
 Ginger  2 slices
 Oil  1tbsp
 Seasoning for Pork :  
 Corn starch  1 tsp
 Oil  1/2 tbsp
 Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp
 Sugar  1/2 tsp


馬友鹹魚 DSC08493

1. Salty Fish -Thread Fin is used this time.  About 90g, cut it into pieces

DSC08498 shot01

2.Pork (Collar Meat), 300g, slice it

shot02 shot03

 3. Add 1 tsp of Corn starch, 1/2 tbsp of Oil, mix it well

shot04 shot05

4. add 1 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce, 1/2 tsp of Sugar, mix it well.

DSC08495 shot06

5. prepare some Ginger Strips by two sliced Ginger. Add 1tbsp of Oil on Salty fish and Ginger strips, mix it well

shot08 shot09

6. Put Salty Fish on pork. Ginger strips on Salty fish

shot25 shot27

7. Bring water to boil. Then steam it over high heat for 15 mins


8. after 15 mins, serve!