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Hong Kong Recipe : Stir-Fried Bitter Melon with Pork in Black Bean Sauce

Chinese recipe : Stir-fried Seafood and Pork with Cashew


 Water Chestnut  about 7 pcs
 Salted & Dried Radish  50g
 Pork(Pork Jowl is used here)  300g
 Garlic  1 clove
 Celery  about 200g
 Bell Pepper  2pcs
 Onion  half piece
 Cashew  150g
 Shrimp  150g


DSC08866 DSC08875

1. Water Chestnut : about 7 pcs, peel and rinse. Dice the Water Chestnut

DSC08873 shot02

2. Salted & Dried Radish : 50g,dice it

DSC08869 shot03

3. Pork(Pork Jowl is used here),about 300g, remove the fat

Dice the pork

shot04 shot05

4. Pound a Garlic

DSC08883 DSC08745

5. Celeryabout 200gTear old veins off the celery, cut it into lengths.

DSC08891 shot06
shot07 DSC08897

6. Bell Pepper2pcs. Rinse, remove the core, cut it into pieces

Onion 1/2 piece, cut it into pieces

DSC08888 shot10
shot11 DSC08901

7. Cashew:150g, heat the oil. deep fry the Cashew

deep fry the Cashew until the color is changed to light brown, dish it up and set aside. Cool down the Cashews. They will become crispy.

DSC08311 DSC08317

8. Shrimp (150g), remove the head, shell and intestine.

sshot-02 sshot-03
sshot-04 sshot-05

9. Soak the Shrimp in water with 1 tsp of Salt for 5 mins 

(for making the shrimp more crispy)

sshot-06 sshot-07

10.  after 5 mins, wash the Shrimp. Then, drain and set it aside.

shot12 shot13
shot14 shot15


11. heat the oil over medium heat, saute the Onion, after half minute, add the Bell Pepper, mix it.

add 1/2 tsp of Salt. Mix it. add 1/3 cup of Water during stir-frying. Then, dish it up and set aside

shot17 shot18
shot20 shot22

12. heat 2 tbsp of Oil, Saute the Garlic, add the Pork,

after the pork colour is changed, add the Shrimp.  after half minute,add Celery, mix it

shot23a shot24
shot27 shot27a

13. add 1/2 tsp of Salt, mix it. Add Water Chestnut , Salted and dried Raddish.

after half minute, add 1 tbsp of water, add 1/2 tsp of Sugar, mix it


shot29 shot30a

14. add the Bell Pepper, remove the Bell Pepper sauce (this sauce is quite salty), add the Cashew

mix it well, Serve!


Chinese Recipe : Stir-fried “Beancurd Sheet” with “Potherd mustard”,”Sliced Pork” and “Dried Shrimp”


 Beancurd Sheet :  110g
 Dried Shrimp :  20g
 Potherd mustard :  80g
 Pork Collar meat  150g
 Chinese Mushroom :  6 pieces
 Preserved Turnip  (Optional) :  1 slice
 Sugar (for Potherd mustard) :   1/2 tsp
 chicken stock :   1/2 cup
 Seasoning for Pork  
 Sugar : 1/2 tsp
 Cornstarch : 1 tsp
 Light Soy Sauce 1/2 tbsp


Beancurd Sheet

Chinese Mushroom :

Dried Shrimp

Potherd mustard

1. Wash and soak “Beancurd Sheet”, “Chinese Mushroom” and “Dried Shrimp” until soft. Wash and Soak the “Potherd mustard” to reduce the salty level.

Beancurd Sheet

Chinese Mushroom


Preserved Turnip

 2. Cut the “Beancurd Sheet” into 1cm length. Shredded the “Chinese Mushroom”. Sliced the “Pork”. Cut the “Preserved Turnip” into fine long strips.

Potherd mustard

Potherd mustard

3. Press the “Potherd mustard” to reduce water. Cut it into 1cm length , mix with Sugar 1/2 tsp. Then stir-fry the “Potherd mustard” to dry without oil. Dish up and set aside.

 4. Heat the wok with oil (2tbsp). Stir-fry the “Preserved Turnip” and “Dried Shrimp”. Then, Add sliced Pork and stir-fry until the pork done.

 5. Add “Potherd mustard” and “Beancurd Sheet”. Then add chicken stock. Mix them well and let “Beancurd Sheet” to absorb the sauce.

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