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Chinese Dessert Recipe : Sweet Potato Soup



 Sweet Potato  600g
 Slab Sugar  1.5pcs / 90g
 Ginger  about 30g
 Water  5 cups


 DSC05130  sshot-01

1. Rinse Sweet Potato (600g)

 sshot-02 sshot-03

2. Peel and cut Sweet Potato into pieces. Then, wash it. Remove the starch on its’ surface.

 sshot-04  sshot-05

 3.  Peel and pound the Ginger (about 30g)

 sshot-06  sshot-07
 sshot-08  sshot-09

 4. Transfer the Sweet Potato and Ginger into the Pot. Add 5 cups of water and slab sugar (1.5pcs / 90g).

Bring water to boil over high heat. Then, turn heat to slow for 45 mins.


5. Serve!

Chinese Dessert Recipe:Water Chestnut Sweet Soup



 Peeled Water Chestnut 300 g
 Rock Sugar 110 g
 Egg 1 piece
 Water Chestnut Flour 2 tbsp
 Water 1000 ml


DSC04673 sshot-01


1.  Peel and rinse the Water Chestnut 

 sshot-03 DSC04681

 2.  Grate the water chestnut. Set it aside for next step


3.  Mix Water chestnut flour (2tbsp) and water (2tbsp). Set it aside for next step


4.  beat an egg. Set it aside for next step

 DSC04689 sshot-07

5.  Melt the Rock Sugar with 1000ml of water. Then, add water chestnut.


6.  Bring water to boil. Then switch it to slow heat for 5 minutes


7.  After 5 minutes, stir in Water chestnut flour.

 sshot-09 sshot-10

8.  Switch off the heat, add beaten egg


9. Cool down and fringe. Ready to serve

Chinese Dessert Recipe : Sang Ji Sheng (Chinese Herbal) Tea with Lotus Seed and Egg


Sang Ji Sheng (Chinese Herbal) 100 g
peeled Egg 4 pcs
Dried Lotus Seed 40 g
Rock Sugar 100 g
Red Date 40 g
Water 7 cups

 sshot-01  DSC00612

1.  Sang Ji Sheng (Chinese Herbal) : 100g

sshot-03 sshot-04
sshot-05 sshot-07


2. Bring 6 cups of water to boil. Add and boil Sang Ji Sheng for half minute

Rinse Sang Ji Sheng. Then, put Sang Ji Sheng into a Soup Bag

 sshot-08 sshot-09
 sshot-10  DSC06428

3. Rinse Red Date 40g, cut it into pieces and remove the core

 DSC00627 DSC06436

4. Peeled Egg : 4 pcs,  Rock Sugar 100g

 DSC00616  sshot-11
 sshot-13  DSC06445

5. Rinse Lotus Seed (40g). Separate it and remove the pitch

 sshot-15 DSC06449

6. Add 7 cups of water and all ingredients into the pot. Bring water to boil over high heat.Then, turn heat to small and boil for 45 mins.


7. After 45 mins, remove the Soup Bag. Done!