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[Hong Kong Recipe] Stir-fry Silver Pin Noodles with Pork, Mushroom, Egg and Mung bean sprouts

Chinese Recipe : Fried Noodles with Shredded Pork



 Green Bean Sprouts  150 g

 Egg noodles

(E-fu noodles is chosen this time)

 150 g
 Pork  250 g
 Leek Sprout / Yellow Chives  50 g
 Egg  2 pcs
 Seasoning for Pork  
 Oil  1/2 tbsp
 Sugar  1/2 tsp
 Corn Starch  1/2 tbsp
 Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp
 Water  a little bit (if too dry during mixing)
 For stir-fry the Green Bean Sprouts  
 Oil  1tbsp
 Garlic  1clove
 Salt  1/2 tsp
 For boiling the noodle  
 Water  For boiling the noodle
 Salt  about 1 tsp
 For Stir-fry the Pork  
 Oil  1tbsp
 Garlic  1 clove


DSC08202 DSC08204

1. Rinse Green Bean Sprouts : 150g,  

Egg noodles 150g (E-fu noodles is chosen this time)

sshot-01 sshot-02

2. Shredded Pork 250g. Add  1/2 tbsp of Oil, 1/2 tsp of Sugar, 1/2 tbsp of Corn-starch, 1 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce to the shredded pork. Mix them well. (add some water if too dry during mixing)

DSC08215 DSC08219

3. Rinse Leek Sprout (about 50g). Then, cut it into sections.

sshot-05 sshot-06

4. heat 1 tbsp of oil, a pounded Garlic and 1/2 tsp of Salt over medium heat. 

add and stir-fry the Green Bean Sprouts for about 1 minute. Then, dish it up and set aside.

sshot-08 sshot-09
sshot-10 sshot-11

5. Bring water to boil with about 1 tsp of Salt. Then, cook the Egg Noodles until soft. Dish it up and drain the noodle

sshot-12 sshot-14
sshot-16 sshot-19

6. Beat two eggs, heat 2 tbsp of oil over medium heat, pan-fry the egg

after half minute, turn it over, after half minute again, dish it up and set aside

sshot-21 sshot-22
sshot-23 sshot-24


7. Then, pan-fry the noodle. Loosen it. Add about 2 tbsp of oil surrounding. (Oil makes noodle crispy)

after half minute, turn the noodle over, add 1 tbsp of oil surrounding

sshot-30 sshot-35

8. after half minute, turn it over again. Repeat this step until the surface of noodle crispy. Then, dish it up.

sshot-39 sshot-40

9. cut the egg into strips


10.  mix 1/3 cup of water and 1/2 tsp of Corn starch

sshot-42 sshot-44

11. heat 1 tbsp of oil and saute a pounded Garlic over medium heat. Stir-fry the pork until the pork colour is changed. Then, add 1 tbsp of Light soy sauce. Mix it well.

sshot-46 sshot-48
sshot-49 sshot-50

12. Add Leek Sprout. Add the Corn Starch water (Mix the corn starch water again just before adding to the pork)

(If the sauce too thick, add 1/2 cup of water to thin the sauce)

sshot-52 sshot-54


13. add the Green Bean Sprouts, stir-fry and mix them well. Then, transfer it to top of noodle. Add the egg strips.



Chinese Recipe: Stir-fry Bitter Gourd with Pork



 Bitter Gourd 1200g
 Pork (Suggested to use Pork Belly) 300g

1/2 tbsp(for marinate Bitter Gourd) 

1/2 tsp(for stir-fry)

 Fermented black soy beans 1.5 tbsp
 Garlic 2 cloves
 Slab Sugar 1/2 slice/30g
 Water 1 cup
 Oil 2 tbsp


DSC07740 sshot-01
sshot-02 sshot-03

1.Bitter Gourd (1200g). Remove both ends. Cut it into half. Then, remove core of Bitter Gourd

 sshot-07  sshot-08
 sshot-10 sshot-11

 2. Rinse and slice the Bitter Gourd

Add 1/2 tbsp of Salt. Mix it with Bitter Gourd and marinade for 30mins

DSC07734 sshot-13

3.  Rinse and slice the Pork (300g).

 sshot-02  sshot-03
 sshot-05  sshot-06

4.  Rinse Fermented Soy Bean (1.5 tbsp), add 2 pounded Garlic. Squash Garlic and Fermented Soy Bean.


 sshot-14 sshot-16

5. Slab Sugar (1 slice / 60g), cut it into small pieces

 sshot-17  sshot-18

 6. after half hour , squeeze out the Bitter Gourd juice ( reduce the bitter taste)

sshot-20 sshot-21
sshot-22 sshot-26

 7.  Heat 2 tbsp of oil over slow heat, saute the Fermented Black Soy Bean and Garlic

Then, add and stir-fry the Pork.  After half minute, add Bitter Gourd, stir-fry it over high heat for half minute

sshot-27 sshot-30
sshot-33 sshot-34

 8.  add 1/2 tsp of Salt and Slab Sugar. Mix it well.

After half minute, add a cup of water. Cover it and cook over medium heat for about 7 minutes.

 sshot-35  sshot-37

 9.  after 7 minutes, dish it up and serve it hot.