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Chinese Recipe : Stir-fried “Beancurd Sheet” with “Potherd mustard”,”Sliced Pork” and “Dried Shrimp”


 Beancurd Sheet :  110g
 Dried Shrimp :  20g
 Potherd mustard :  80g
 Pork Collar meat  150g
 Chinese Mushroom :  6 pieces
 Preserved Turnip  (Optional) :  1 slice
 Sugar (for Potherd mustard) :   1/2 tsp
 chicken stock :   1/2 cup
 Seasoning for Pork  
 Sugar : 1/2 tsp
 Cornstarch : 1 tsp
 Light Soy Sauce 1/2 tbsp


Beancurd Sheet

Chinese Mushroom :

Dried Shrimp

Potherd mustard

1. Wash and soak “Beancurd Sheet”, “Chinese Mushroom” and “Dried Shrimp” until soft. Wash and Soak the “Potherd mustard” to reduce the salty level.

Beancurd Sheet

Chinese Mushroom


Preserved Turnip

 2. Cut the “Beancurd Sheet” into 1cm length. Shredded the “Chinese Mushroom”. Sliced the “Pork”. Cut the “Preserved Turnip” into fine long strips.

Potherd mustard

Potherd mustard

3. Press the “Potherd mustard” to reduce water. Cut it into 1cm length , mix with Sugar 1/2 tsp. Then stir-fry the “Potherd mustard” to dry without oil. Dish up and set aside.

 4. Heat the wok with oil (2tbsp). Stir-fry the “Preserved Turnip” and “Dried Shrimp”. Then, Add sliced Pork and stir-fry until the pork done.

 5. Add “Potherd mustard” and “Beancurd Sheet”. Then add chicken stock. Mix them well and let “Beancurd Sheet” to absorb the sauce.

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