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[Hong Kong Recipe] Deep Fried Stuffed Fish | Traditional


Traditional Preparation for a New Cast Iron Wok

 Cast Iron Wok  
 Pork Fat  about 300 g
 Chinese Chive  about 300g

  1. Wash the wok. Then, add water and bring it to boil.

2. Keep boiling for 20mins. Then, remove water.

3.  Heat the wok, then add the Pork Fat

4. add Chinese Chive after a layer of oil on wok. Pork Fat and Chinese Chive are used for removing rust.

5. after about 10 mins, remove Pork Fat and Chinese Chive.

6.  wash the wok

7. Done!

Chinese Recipe (Preparation): How to wash Pig’s Stomach


sshot-1 sshot-2

1. Cut off the fat. Then, flip the Stomach and remove the dirt.

 sshot-4  sshot-5

 2. Use 1 tbsp of salt to rub with Pig’s Stomach for about half minute. Then, Rinse it and do this process again.

 sshot-10  sshot-11
 sshot-12  sshot-13

 3. Use 1 tbsp of cornstarch and 1 tbsp of oil to rub with Pig’s Stomach for about half minute. Then, Rinse it and do this process again.

 sshot-18  sshot-19

 4. Put Pig’s stomach into boiling water. After 2 minutes, put it into water.

 sshot-20  sshot-21
 sshot-22  sshot-23

 5. Scratch the outer thin layer off. Flip the Pig’s Stomach, cut the fat and rinse it. Then, flip the Pig’s stomach again.

 sshot-24  sshot-26

 6. Bring water to boil with a pounded ginger. Then, boil the pig’s stomach again for 3 minutes.

 sshot-28  DSC02891

 7. Put it into water and flip it again. The Pig’s stomach is ready for cooking.

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Steps for cutting Chicken

Steps for cutting Chicken

1. Cut off neck

2. Cut off legs

3. Cut off wings

4. Cut off thighs from the joint

5.Cut off thighs

6. Cut from the tail.

7. Knife along the backbone and cut it into halves

8. Place the halves in opposite. Cut into pieces.

9. Place it on a plate

10. Slightly pat the breasts.

11. Cut it into halves. Then cut it into pieces.

12.Place it on a plate

13. Cut thighs in piece

14. Place thighs and wings on plate

How to make fish paste for cooking?

Dace fillet :
400 g
Dried Shrimps (Soaked) :
20 g
Spring Onion (Chopped) :
2 sprigs
Water Chestnut (Chopped) :
2 pcs
Salt :
1/2 tsp
White pepper :
Water :
2 tbsp (For minced Fish)


 1. Rinse and soak dried shrimps.Dice the Fillet.


 2. Mix diced fillet and dried shrimps. Chop for about 10mins. Chop 2 sprigs of Spring Onion.

 sshot-05 sshot-06
 sshot-07  sshot-11

 3.  Peeled, Rinse and Chop the Water Chestnut (2 pcs)


 4. Add “Water Chestnut”, “chopped spring onion”,”Salt (1/2 tsp)”, “white pepper (pinch)” and “water 2tbsp” to the minced dace. Stir in one direction until sticky.


 5. Slap the minced fish for about 20 times. Make it more elastic.  Fish paste is ready


The Pork Cuts (Hong Kong Cutting)



 Item  Description (Hong Kong Cutting)


  Pork Collar Butt


  Pork Collar Butt


  Pork Collar meat pork chop


  Eye of Loin





 Pork Shank



 Pig’s Tail



 Rump Meat



 Lean Meat



  Premium Pork Shank



  Premium Pork Shank



  Premium Pork Shank



  Pig’s Feet


  Pig’s Feet


  Pork Belly



  Pork knuckle



 Pork Shoulder, picnic



  Pig’s Hock



  Premium Pork Shank



  Shoulder/Pork Shank



  Butterfly pork belly



  Pork Half lean meat



 Pork Jowl



 Pig’s Jaw meat



 Pig’s head meat



 Pig’s ear


30  Spareribs  

31  Belly Spareribs, Back ribs, Loin ribs

32  Chuck Bone, Neckbone

33  Sal See Bone

34  Tail Bone

 35  Spareribs (upper position)