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 Potato  900g
 Carrot  400g
 Chicken  1 whole (about 1.9kg)
 Ginger  few slices
 Celery  200g
 Onion  1 piece
 Turmeric Powder  3 tbsp
 curry powder  1 tbsp
 Oil  2 tbsp
 Sugar  2 tsp
 Salt  1 tsp
 Evaporated Milk  about 400g
 Coconut Milk  about 300ml



shot-17 shot-18
shot-19 DSC09825

1.Potato:900g,peel and cut it into pieces

Then, soak it in water for a while, prevent the surface colour turn black. 

Set it aside for later use


shot-10 shot-11

2.Carrot (about 400 g),peel and cut it into pieces

007 009
010 DSC07653


3. Chicken : 1 Whole. Remove Chicken skin (if keep the skin, very oily sauce finally).

rinse it. Then, cut it into pieces.

this is kidney and liver , remove the attached fat


4.prepare few slices of Ginger

DSC00346 012
013 014

5. Celery:about 200g,Tear old veins off the celery. cut it into lengths.

cut Onion into pieces


6. Prepare 3 tbsp of Turmeric Powder. 1 tbsp of curry powder

017 018
020 022

7. heat 2 tbsp of oil. stir-fry Celery, Onion and Ginger. after 1 minute, add Turmeric Powder and Curry Powder. Mix it.

Add Chicken, mix it. after half minute, add 1/2 cup of water, mix it

024 025
026 027

8. add 2 tsp of Sugar, mix it. Add Carrot.

add 1/2 cup of water, mix it.  after half minute, add 1 tsp of Salt

028 029
031 032

9. transfer all ingredients to a pot for braising. 

don’t waste the sauce in wok, let the sauce stained on potato, then, transfer it to pot

add 3 cups of water. Bring water to boil over high heat. Then, turn the heat to slow. Braise it for half hour

033 034
035 036

10.  after half hour, add Evaporated Milk (about 400g). add Coconut Milk (about 300ml). 

mix it well, then cover it and bring it to boil. 

Then, taste it, add more salt if necessary (1/2 tsp of salt is added here)

038 037

11. cover it, keep it boiling for 5 mins more over slow heat. Serve!

…(some sauce will be absorbed after the heat turn off)..


Chinese Soup recipe : Winter Melon with dried Bonito and Pork soup


Winter Melon 1200 g 
Pork (lean meat) 150 g
dried Bonito 1piece (about 40g)
Ginger 1slice 
Water 12 cups
Oil 1/2 tsp

 shot-01 shot-02

1. Winter Melon : 1.2kg, remove melon skin. remove the core, cut it into pieces


2.Pound  a slice of Ginger

DSC08270 shot06
shot07 shot08

3.  Pork (lean meat) 150g. Transfer pork into water. Bring water to boil for 1 minute.

rinse the pork after 1 minute. Dish it up and set aside

DSC09184 DSC09286
DSC09287 DSC09290

2. 1 piece of dried Bonito. (about 40g). Rinse it. Let it absorb the water. Then, press it out. Repeat this for few times

Tear it into pieces


shot-07 shot-08
shot-09 shot-10

3. add 12 cups of water, Winter melon, dried Bonito, Pork and Ginger. add 1/2 tsp of Oil.

Bring water to boil over high heat. Then, turn heat to slow and boil for 1 hour. 

after 1 hour, add salt for seasoning




Chinese Recipe : Supreme Soy Sauce Chicken


Chicken 1 whole (about 1.8kg for this one)
Marinade for Chicken:  
Salt  1 tsp
Ginger juice  1 tbsp
Spring Onion  3 sprigs
Seasoning :  
Light Soy Sauce  5 tbsp
Fish Sauce  2.5 tbsp
Sugar  2 tsp
 For Cooking :  
 Oil  2 tbsp
 Ginger  1slice
 Rice Wine  1 tsp
 Water  4 cups
 Dipping Sauce :  
 Spring Onion  5 sprigs(about 50g)
 Salt  1tsp
 Ginger  50g
 Oil  1 tsp
 Light Soy Sauce  1 tsp


1. Chicken 1 whole (about 1.8kg for this one)

DSC09013 shot01

2. grind the ginger, prepare 1 tbsp of Ginger juice

shot03 shot02
shot04 shot06

3. put 1 tsp of Salt and 1 tbsp of Ginger Juice into the core of Chicken

rub the core of chicken with Ginger juice and Salt, put 3 sprigs of Spring Onion into the core of Chicken


4. Prepare the seasoning :5 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce, 2.5 tbsp of Fish sauce, 2 tsp of Sugar

shot09 shot10

5. heat 2 tbsp of Oil with Ginger over high heat. Saute the chicken until the skin color is changed to yellow.

add 1 tsp of Rice Wine

shot15 shot16
shot17 shot19


6. place the Ginger under chicken after the skin color is changed to yellow. add the seasoning,

add 4 cups of water, add the Chicken Visceral (Liver and Kidney)

cover it and bring it to boil. (after it’s boilding, turn the chicken over for every 5mins)

shot20 shot21

7. after 10 mins, turn the Chicken over (1st time). Cover it, switch heat to medium

shot23 shot24

8. after 5 mins, turn the chicken over (2nd time), cover it

shot26 shot27

9. after 5 mins, turn the Chicken over (3rd time), cover it

shot27 shot29


10. after 5 mins, switch off the heat, stay for 5 mins

after 5 mins, dish it up, let it cool down before cutting it

(this chicken soy sauce taste good, but much oil in it, put it into freezer, remove oil from top layer, use it as seasoning)

DSC09009 shot32
shot35 shot36

11. Prepare the Dip for Chicken : 5 sprigs of Spring onion, remove the roots,

remove the green portion, chop the spring onion (about 50 g)

shot38 shot39


12. add 1 tsp of Salt, crush it

shot41 shot42
shot43 DSC09020

13. 50g of Ginger. peel, rinse and wipe it to dry. Then, grind it.

add the spring onion, add 1 tsp of Oil, add 1 tsp of Light Soy Sauce, mix it


14. Cut the Chicken into piece after it is cooled down



Chinese Recipe : Steamed Fish head with Sour Bamboo Shoots


 Head of Big Head fish  1 whole (1.2kg for this one)
 Sour Bamboo Shoots  150 g
 Ginger (cut into fine long strips) :  about 15g
 Sugar  1 tsp
 Spring Onion  2 sprigs
 Coriander  2 sprigs
 Light Soy Sauce  1.5 tbsp
 Oil  1 tbsp
 Salt  1/4 tsp

DSC08706 shot02

1. Head of Big Head fish: 1 whole (1.2kg for this one), Cut it into pieces. Wash the Fish Head.

。。dish it up and drain. Otherwise, too much water after steamed。。

shot04 shot05

2. wash 150g of Sour Bamboo Shoots, then drain. Add 1 tsp of Sugar, mix and marinate it for 30mins


shot06 shot07

3. after 30 mins, wash away the Sugar, then drain

(..wash away the Sugar before steam. Otherwise too sweet..

。。too sour if not marinated by Sugar。。)



4. prepare about 15g of Ginger strips.

shot08 shot09
shot10 shot11


5. add Sour Bamboo Shoots and Ginger Strips, add 1.5 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce

add 1/4 tsp of Salt, add 1 tbsp of Oil

mix it well.

DSC08762 shot14

6. transfer all to the steaming plate. Bring water to boil. 

Cover it and steam it for 13 mins over high heat

shot16 shot17

7. Chop 2 sprigs of Spring Onion and 2 sprigs of Coriander


8. after 13 mins, discard the spring onion and Coriander on top. Serve!


Chinese Recipe : Stewed Pig’s Tongue with Supreme Soya Sauce


Pig’s Tongue :   4 pcs
Seasonings :  
Ginger juice :   2 tbsp
Rice Wine :   1 tsp
Chicken bouillon powder :   1.5 tsp
Light Soy Sauce :   6 tbsp
Fish sauce :   2 tbsp
Sugar :   2 tsp
Water :  for Stewing


DSC06302 sshot-03


DSC06310 DSC06311


1. Pig’s Tongue : 4pcs, remove the fat

 Remove the Bone

 Cut here for next cleaning process

 sshot-05 DSC06314

2.Remove the teeth

 sshot-06 sshot-07

3. Add water and Pig’s Tongue, bring water to boil. Blanch the tongue with boiling water for 10mins

After 10 mins, transfer the Pig’s Tongue to cold water

 sshot-09  sshot-12

4. Scratch the White Layer off.  Clean the groove

 sshot-17 sshot-20

5. Add Pig’s Tongue, Ginger juice (2tbsp), Rice Wine (1 tsp), Light Soy Sauce (6 tbsp), Fish Sauce (2 tbsp), Sugar (2 tsp), Chicken bouillon powder (3 tsp) to the pot. Add water to just cover the Pig’s Tongue

 sshot-21  sshot-26

6. Bring water to boil over high heat. Then, simmer for 30 mins.


7. after 30 mins, cut it into pieces and serve!

Chinese Recipe : Stewed Chicken with Potato and Tomato



 Chicken 1 whole
 Potato 900g
 Onion 1 piece
 Ginger about 5 slices
Shallot about 5 cloves
 Carrot 200g
 Potato 3pcs
 Celery about 150g
 Bacon 2 slices
 Oil 3 tbsp
 Red Wine 2 tbsp
 Sugar 3 tsp
 Salt 1 tsp


 sshot-01  sshot-02
 sshot-04  DSC07653

1. Remove the chicken neck and head, cut it into half. Wash the chicken. Then, cut it into pieces.

DSC07654 sshot-08
sshot-09 DSC07660

 2.  Peel and cut Potato (900g) into pieces. Rinse the potato. Then, set it aside for later use.

 sshot-10  sshot-11

3. Prepare one Onion, peel and cut it into pieces. About 5 slices of Ginger. About 5 cloves of Shallot.


 sshot-13  sshot-14

4.  Carrot : 200g, Peel and cut it into pieces


 DSC07670 sshot-15

5.  Tomato : 3 pcs, Rinse and cut it into pieces


 sshot-16  sshot-17

 6. Celery : about 150g, Rinse and cut it into sections

 DSC07666  DSC07668

7. Bacon : 2 slices. Cut it into sections

 sshot-18  sshot-20
 sshot-21  sshot-22

8. Heat the oil (3 tbsp) , add Ginger,Onion and Shallot first.

Then, add Bacon and Celery,Saute the ingredient for about one minute.

 sshot-25 sshot-26

9. Add Chicken, stir-fry the ingredients for about 1.5 minute. Then, add 2 tbsp of Red wine.

 sshot-27  sshot-28

10. Add 3 tsp of Sugar and mix them well. Then, add Potato and Carrot. Mix them well.


 sshot-30  sshot-33

 11. Add Tomato and 1 tsp of Salt. Stir Mix the ingredients well.

sshot-35 sshot-36
sshot-37 sshot-38

12.  Transfer all ingredients to a pot. Add water to the level below 1 inch of ingredients surface.

Bring water to boil over high heat. Then, turn heat to slow and stew for 30 minutes.


13. after half hour, Done!


Chinese Recipe : Steamed minced Pork Patty with Chinese Mushroom



Minced Pork Collar meat:
600 g
Chinese Mushroom :
20 g
Water chestnut  :
Preserved Turnip(Preserved vegetable) :
30g (optional)

Oil :
cornstarch :
Sugar :
1 tsp
Light Soy Sauce :
1 tbsp
Fish sauce : 
1/2 tbsp

 DSC05335  sshot-01
 sshot-02  DSC08803

1. Rinse the Chinese mushroom (20gram) and soak it to soft. Cut off the stems.

 sshot-03  sshot-04

2.  Chop the Preserved Turnip (30 gram)

 sshot-05 sshot-06
 sshot-07  sshot-08

3. Peeled and rinse Water Chestnut (2pcs). 

 sshot-09  sshot-11
 sshot-12 sshot-13

4. Chop the soaked Chinese Mushroom and Water Chestnut. 

Mix the chopped Chinese mushroom, Preserved Turnip and Water Chestnut


5.  Seasoning : Light Soy Sauce (1 tbsp), Fish Sauce (1/2 tbsp), Sugar (1 tsp), Corn Starch (1 tbsp)

 sshot-15  sshot-16
 sshot-17 sshot-18

 6. Add 1 tbsp of oil. 

 Mix the seasoning well. Then, mix it with minced pork (600 gram)

Add chopped Chinese mushroom, Preserved Turnip and Water Chestnut

 sshot-19 sshot-20

7. Stir in one direction until sticky.

 sshot-21 sshot-22

8. Bring water to boil. Then, steam the Pork Patty with high heat for 15 mins.


9. Serve!

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Chinese Recipe : Deep Fried Stuffed Fish with Dried Winter Melon



 Dace Fish 2 Whole
 Dried Winter Melon 150g
 Dried Shrimps  30 g
 Spring Onion (Chopped)   2 sprigs
 Water Chestnut (Chopped)   2 pcs
 Salt  1/2 tsp (for fish paste), 1tsp (for stewing dried winter melon)
 White pepper  pinch
 Water  2 tbsp (For minced Fish)
 Chicken Stock 250 ml
 Light Soy Sauce 1 tsp
 Corn starch little
 Oil for deep fry


 DSC04016  DSC04010

1. Rinse and Soak the “Dried Winter Melon (150g)” to soft

 sshot-01  sshot-02

2. Make a cut between Dace Fish skin and meat. Then separate the skin and meat.

 sshot-04  sshot-05

3. De-bone. (Fillet of 2 Dace Fish are required for 1 stuffed Fish)

 sshot-06  sshot-07

9. Apply some corn starch on inner side of skin for sticking the fish paste. Then, stuff up the fish skin.

 sshot-09  sshot-10
 sshot-12  DSC04007

10. Heat the oil and deep fry the fish on medium heat. Deep fry until golden brown. Dish it up for next step.

 sshot-13  sshot-14

11. Drain the Soaked “Dried winter melon”. Cook it with chicken stock (250ml), Salt (1 tsp), Light soy sauce (1 tsp) , on slow heat for 30 minutes. 

After 30 minutes, add the deep fried fish and cook for 15 minutes more.


12.  Dish it up and serve it hot!

Chinese Recipe : Steamed Fish

 Flesh Fish (Garoupa)  1 whole (about 600 g)
 Spring Onion  3 sprigs
 Coriander  1 sprigs
 Seasonings :  
 Light Soy Sauce  2 tbsp
 Water  1 tbsp
 Sugar  1/2 tsp
 Oil  2 tbsp


1. Chop 1 sprigs of Spring Onion and Coriander.


2.Wash the fish, remove the fish blood. Then, drain.


3. Lay 2 sprigs of Spring onion on the dish. Then lay the Fish on top of spring onion.


4. Bring a wok of water to boil. Then, steam the fish over high heat for 15 minutes (Depend on thickness of fish).


5. After 15 minutes, pour out the Fish sauce. Then, discard the spring onion and Coriander on top of fish.


6. Mix 2 tbsp of Soy sauce, 1 tbsp of water and 1/2 tsp of Sugar. Heat 2 tbsp of oil. Add the mixed sauce to fry-pan. Then, pour the sauce onto the fish.

7. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Braised Tofu with Minced Pork

 Firm Bean Cake / Firm Tofu 900 g
 Minced Pork 100 g
 Ginger 1 slice
 Green Garlic 2 sprigs
 Oil 2 tbsp
 Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp
 Dark Soy Sauce  1 tbsp
 Salt  1/2 tsp
 Oyster Flavored Sauce  1 tsp
 Water  1.5 cup

1. Heat the wok with 2 tbsp of Oil over medium heat. Add and saute Green Garlic and Ginger slice.


2. Add Minced Pork. Stir-fry until the pork color is changed. Then add 1.5 cup of Water and turn the fire to high heat.


3. Add 1 tbsp of Light Sauce, 1 tsp of Oyster Flavored Sauce, 1/2 tsp of salt and 1 tbsp of Dark Soy Sauce.


4. Add Tofu and mix all ingredients carefully. Then cover by lid for 10 minutes.


5. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Stewed Chicken Wing with Potato and Onion

 Chicken Wing  8 pieces
 Onion  2 pieces
 Potato  600 g
 Shallot  2 cloves
 Celery  180 g
 – For boiling Chicken Wing –  
 Chinese Rice Wine 1 tbsp
 Ginger 1 slice
 – For Stir-fry Onion –  
 Oil 2 tbsp
 Water 1 cup
 Ginger Few Slices
 – For pan-fry Chicken Wing –  
 Oil 1 tbsp
 Light Soy Sauce 1.5 tbsp
 – For Stewing –  
 Salt  1 tsp
 Sugar  1 tsp



 1. Peel and cut Potato into pieces. Shred onion.



2. Peel and slice Shallot and ginger.


3. Tear old veins off the celery, cut it into lengths.


4. Bring water to boil with Ginger and 1 tbsp of Chinese Rice wine. Add Chicken Wing and cook until the water boiling again for removing the frozen taste. Drain and cut it into pieces.


5. Heat the wok with 2 tbsp of Oil, Shallot and Ginger over slow heat. Add Spring Onion. Fry the Spring onion  until color is changed to golden. Add 1 cup of water and mix it well. Then, switch it to a pot.


6. Heat 1 tbsp of oil on medium heat. Fry chicken wing until the skin color is changed to golden. Add 1.5 tbsp of Light Soy Sauce. Stir-fry until the Light Soy Sauce is absorbed. Switch the Chicken Wing to the pot. Do not wash the wok.


7. Stir-fry Potato until color is changed to golden. Switch the potato to the pot.


8. Add water until the water almost cover the ingredients. Add celery, 1 tsp of Sugar and 1 tsp of Salt. Cover the pot and bring water to boil over high heat. Then turn the heat to slow and stew for 45 minutes.

9. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Pan-fried Shunde Pork

 Pork half lean meat / Pork Belly  400 g
 Shallot  7 cloves
 Spring Onion  2 sprigs
 Ginger  1 slices
 Oil  1.5 tbsp
 Sugar  1.5 tsp
 Salt  1.5 tsp
 Soda Powder  1/4 tsp
 White Pepper  1 tsp
 Chinese Rice Wine  2 tsp
 Light Soy Sauce  1.5 tsp
 Sesame Oil  1 tsp
 Oil  2 tsp



 1. Wash and wipe the pork dry. Slice the pork into 1/2 inch thickness.

 2. Marinate the pork with the marinade (Sugar, Salt, Soda Powder, White Pepper, Chinese Rice Wine, Light Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil) first.  Finally, mix with oil and marinate for at least 6 hours in the fridge.


3. Boil water with ginger and spring onions. Then blanch pork for 5 minutes. Drain and pat dry.


4. Pound the Shallots. Heat frying pan with oil over medium heat. fry the shallots over slow heat until the shallots are slightly fragrant. Then add the pork slices and fry the pork until golden on both sides.

5. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Pan-fried Meat Patties


Pork Collar meat: 350g
Chinese Mushroom (soaked until soft and finely chopped) : 4pcs
Water chestnut (finely chopped) : 1pcs
Preserved Turnip(Preserved vegetable, finely chopped) : 20g (Optional)
Spring Onion (Chopped) 2 sprigs
Oil : 1tbsp
Corn starch : 2tbsp
Sugar : 1/2 tsp
Light Soy Sauce : 2tsp
Fish sauce :  1tsp
 For Frying  
 Oil  1 tbsp
 Corn starch  Little

1. Dice the pork and mince it until sticky.



2. Mix seasoning well in bowl. Then, pour the mixed seasoning onto pork and mix it well.


 3.Add chopped Chinese Mushroom, Water chestnut and Preserved Turnip into the pork. Stir in one direction to mix it well.


4. Form small meat balls and shape the minced meat mixture into round patties. Then roll in corn starch.


5. Heat 1 tbsp of oil. Pan-fry it over medium heat till done.


6. Add chopped Spring Onion. Pan-fry both side of meat patties with spring onion for a while.

7. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage

 Dressed Chicken  1 whole
 Chinese Sausage  1 piece
 Dried Mushrooms  20 g
 Red Dates  4 pieces
 Black Fungi  50g
 Spring Onion  2 sprigs
 Salt 1/2 tsp
 Ginger Juice 1 tbsp
 Corn starch 1 tbsp
 Light Soy sauce 1 tsp
 Oyster Flavored sauce 1 tsp
 Sugar 1/2 tsp
 Chinese Wine 1 tsp
 Sesame Oil 1/2 tsp
 Oil 1 tsp
 White Pepper Little


1. Cut off the skin. Then wash the chicken.

2. Cut chicken into pieces.

This video shows the procedure for cutting Chicken.



2. Cut Chinese Sausage into thick slices. And cut Spring onion into sections.

 3. Soak the Chinese mushroom to soft. And cut off the stems. Then, cut it into halves. Half and pit red dates.

4. Soak the Black Fungi to soft. Then, boil it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Then rinse and set it aside to drain.


5. Marinate chicken pieces for 15 minutes with seasonings.


6. Add Chinese Sausage, Mushroom, Red Dates and Black Fungi to the chicken pieces, mix well.


7.Bring water to boiling. Steam chicken for 20 minutes. Then, add Spring Onion.

8. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Stir-fried Pork with Mustard Tuber

 Pork Jowl  200g
 Mustard Tuber, sliced  80g
 Garlic  1 piece
 Hot Water  1/2 cup
 Oil  2 tbsp
 Sugar 1/2 tsp
 Corn starch 1/2 tbsp
 Oil 1/2 tbsp


1. Sliced the Pork (Jowl). Mix seasonings with Sugar 1/2 tsp, Corn starch 1/2 tbsp and Oil 1/2 tbsp.

2. Ready 80 g of Mustard Tuber. (Salty taste is come from Mustard Tuber).


3. Heat the wok with 2 tbsp of oil and pounded Garlic. Then stir-fry the pork until the pork color is changed.


4. Add Mustard Tuber. Stir-fry ingredients for a while. Then add 1/2 cup of hot water.


5. Stir-fry until the water is gone.

6. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Stir-fried Green String Beans with Beef (Sticks killed Cattle Devil)

 For Green String Beans :  
 Green String Beans  450 g
 Ginger (pounded)  1 slice
 Oil  2 tbsp
 Salt  1/2 tsp
 Water  1/2 cup
 For Beef :  
 Sugar  1/2 tsp
 Oil  1/2 tbsp
 Cornstarch  1 tbsp
 Light soy sauce  1.5 tbsp
 Garlic (pounded)  Clove
 Beef (sliced) Tenderloin or Ribeye
 200 g
 Water  1/3 cup


1. Cut the Green String Beans into sections.

2. Mix the beef with Seasonings “Sugar, Oil and cornstarch” .


 3. Heat the wok with 2 tbsp of oil, ginger and salt. Then, add and stir-fry the Green String Beans for a while.


 4. Add 1/2 cup of water and mix them well. Then cover by lid for 1 minute. After 1 minute, dish it up for next step.


5. Heat the wok with 2 tbsp of oil and garlic. Then add and stir-fry the beef.


7. Add 1/3 cup of water and mix them well.


8. Add the stir-fried Green String Beans without the Green String Beans juice. (The Green String Beans juice may cause too salty). Stir-fry until all ingredients well done.


Chinese Recipe : Stir-fried Radish with Bean Threads

 Radish 900g
 Bean Threads 30g
 Dried Shrimp 30g
 Green garlic 1 sprig
 Spring Onion 1 sprig
 Dark Soy sauce 1 tsp
 Ginger (Pounded) 1 slice
 Water 1 cup
 Oil 2 tbsp
 Light soy sauce 1/2 tsp (Add if necessary after tasted during cooking)


1. Soak Bean Threads for 15 minutes. Remove water and set aside for next step.

2. Soak the dried shrimp with 1 cup water. Keep the water for cooking after the dried shrimp is soaked.

3.Peel Radish and into large strip.

4. Cut Spring Onion and Green Garlic in section and pound the ginger.

5. Heat 2 tbsp of oil and saute Green Garlic and Ginger. Then, add dried shrimp. Saute all ingredients.

6. Add Radish and mix them well. Then, add the “Shrimp water”.

7. Cover by lid for about10 minutes (or Until the Radish soft).

8. Add 1 tsp of dark soy sauce and mix all well. Then, add soaked Bean Threads and mix all well. Stir-fry until most water is absorbed by Bean Threads. (Add 1/2 tsp of light soy sauce if necessary after tasted)


9. Add Spring Onion and mix all well.

10. Dish it up and serve it hot.

Chinese Recipe : Deep-fried Bombay duck

 Bombay duck :  1200g (about 13 whole fishes) / 600g (Fillet)
 Salt :  1/2 tsp
 White Pepper :  Pinch
 Egg White :  1
 Flour :  1 cup


1. De-bond the fishes. Then, rinse and wipe it to dry.

2. Mix fishes with 1/2 tsp of salt and white pepper. Place in refrigerator and marinate for at least half day.

3. Rinse and wipe the fishes to dry again to reduce the salty taste. Mix fishes with egg white. Then, coat evenly with flour.

4. Heat Oil and deep-fry the fishes until the color is changed to light brown. Set aside for 5 minutes.

5. Deep-fry the fishes again for a short while. Then, place the deep-fried fishes on kitchen paper  for a while before serve.

6. Dish it up and serve it hot!

Chinese Recipe : Shao Xing Wine Preserved Chicken

 Dressed Chicken  1 whole (about 1200g)
 Shao Xing Wine  1.5 cup
 Ginger (Sliced and pounded)  About 50g
 Spring Onion  1 sprig
 Fish Sauce  2 tbsp
 Salt  1 tbsp



1. Cut Spring Onion in section. Slice and pound the Ginger.


2. Rinse the chicken and wipe it to dry. Rub the chicken with 1 tbsp of salt inside and outside. Place spring onion and ginger into chicken. Then marinate for 15 minutes.


3. Heat up the Shao Xing Wine until tiny bubbles appear. Turn off the heat and let it cool. (Tips : Don’t add Fish sauce or salt in this process. Otherwise, taste may turn bitter.)

4. Steam the chicken over high heat for 25 minutes (depend on chicken size). Then soak in ice water and let it cool.


5. After the Steamed Chicken Sauce cool down, mix it with Shao Xing wine and 2 tbsp of Fish Sauce.


6. Pour the mixed sauce onto the chicken. Stand until flavor penetrated for about 2 hours. Turn the chicken over for every 15 minutes.

7. Cut into pieces and pour some sauce when Serve!


 Steps for cutting Chicken

 1. Cut off neck

2. Cut off legs

3. Cut off wings

 4. Cut off thighs from the joint

5.Cut off thighs

6. Cut from the tail.

7. Knife along the backbone and cut it into halves

8. Place the halves in opposite. Cut into pieces.

9. Place it on a plate

10. Slightly pat the breasts.


11. Cut it into halves. Then cut it into pieces.

12.Place it on a plate

13. Cut thighs in piece

14. Place thighs and wings on plate

Chinese Recipe : Stir-fried Fish Cake with Radish

1 piece (about 1kg)

For Fish Cake
Dace fillet :
400 g
Dried Shrimps (Soaked) :
20 g
Spring Onion (Chopped) :
2 sprigs
Salt :
1/2 tsp
White pepper :
Water :
2 tbsp
Oil :

For Stir-fry
Ginger (pounded):
 1 slice
Garlic (peel and pounded):
 2 cloves
 2 tbsp
 2 cups
 1/2 tsp
 1/2 tsp
Dark Soy Sauce
 1/2 tbsp
Spring Onion
 1 sprig

2. Mix diced fillet and dried shrimps. And chop for about 10mins.

3. Add “chopped spring onion”,”Salt”, “white pepper” and “water 2tbsp” to the minced dace. Stir in one direction until sticky.

(Video shows how to make minced fish paste)

4.Chill in fridge for 1 hour.


5. Heat 4 tbsp of oil.  Fry the fish cake until the color is changed to golden brown. Dish it up and set aside.


6.Peel Radish,  Cut Radish and Fish cake into large strip. And cut Spring onion like the picture shown.


7. Heat 2tbsp of oil with pounded ginger and garlic. Stir-fry stripped Radish and Fish for about 1 minute. Then, add 2 cups of water and 1/2 tsp of Sugar. Cover by lib for about 5 minutes. Add 1/2 tsp of Salt and 1/2 tbsp of Dark Soy Sauce. Add Spring onion and cover by lid again until the Radish soft.

8. Serve!

Chinese recipe : Fried Chicken Wing with Spring Onion

 Chicken Wing

 4 pieces


 1 tbsp





 Spring Onion

 1 sprig


 1 clove

 Light Soy sauce

 1 tsp

 Dark Soy sauce

 1 tsp

 Sesame oil

 few drop


 1/2 tsp

 Ginger Juice

 1/2 tsp


 1/2 tsp

 Chicken Power

 1/4 tsp


1. Wash Chicken wing, then wipe it to dry.



2. Chop Spring onion and Shallot.



3. Rub the chicken rings with the Marinade. Then place it in refrigerator for 3 hour.



 4. Heat oil, then fry the chicken wing until the skin color is changed to golden.



5. Add the Marinade



6. Cover by lid for a while to let the chicken wing well done. 

7. Serve!

Chinese recipe : Sago and Beans Dessert


 Ingredients for 6 persons  
 Red Bean  90g
 Sago  70g
 Wheat  50g
 Green Bean  40g
 Black Eye Bean  30g
 Peanut  20g
 Red Kidney Bean  30g
 Slab sugar  2pieces (about 120g)
 Coconut Milk  160ml
 Water  7 cups



1. Soak Peanut, Red Bean, Green Bean, Wheat, Red Kidney Bean and Black Eye Bean in water for an hour. Then, Boil them with 7 cups of water for one hour.


2. Soak sago in water for 5 minutes. Then,  put it into  mixture and stir it well. Cover by lid for 10 minutes to make semi-transparent sago.

2. Keep boiling and add in slab sugar until dissolved. Then, add in Coconut Milk.

Serve hot or cold


Chinese Recipe : Stir-fried “Beancurd Sheet” with “Potherd mustard”,”Sliced Pork” and “Dried Shrimp”


 Beancurd Sheet :  110g
 Dried Shrimp :  20g
 Potherd mustard :  80g
 Pork Collar meat  150g
 Chinese Mushroom :  6 pieces
 Preserved Turnip  (Optional) :  1 slice
 Sugar (for Potherd mustard) :   1/2 tsp
 chicken stock :   1/2 cup
 Seasoning for Pork  
 Sugar : 1/2 tsp
 Cornstarch : 1 tsp
 Light Soy Sauce 1/2 tbsp


Beancurd Sheet

Chinese Mushroom :

Dried Shrimp

Potherd mustard

1. Wash and soak “Beancurd Sheet”, “Chinese Mushroom” and “Dried Shrimp” until soft. Wash and Soak the “Potherd mustard” to reduce the salty level.

Beancurd Sheet

Chinese Mushroom


Preserved Turnip

 2. Cut the “Beancurd Sheet” into 1cm length. Shredded the “Chinese Mushroom”. Sliced the “Pork”. Cut the “Preserved Turnip” into fine long strips.

Potherd mustard

Potherd mustard

3. Press the “Potherd mustard” to reduce water. Cut it into 1cm length , mix with Sugar 1/2 tsp. Then stir-fry the “Potherd mustard” to dry without oil. Dish up and set aside.

 4. Heat the wok with oil (2tbsp). Stir-fry the “Preserved Turnip” and “Dried Shrimp”. Then, Add sliced Pork and stir-fry until the pork done.

 5. Add “Potherd mustard” and “Beancurd Sheet”. Then add chicken stock. Mix them well and let “Beancurd Sheet” to absorb the sauce.

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Chinese Recipe : Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumplings

 Ingredients for 20 Dumplings  
 Wrapping :
 Tang Flour :
 Cornstarch :
 Boiling water :
 Oil :
 Fresh Shrimp meat :
 Pork fat cubes :
 Water Chestnuts :
 Seasonings : A
 Salt :
 1/2 tsp
 Seasonings : B
 Sugar :
 1/2 tsp
 Chicken powder :
 1/4 tsp
 Cooked Oil :
 1 tbsp
 Pepper :
 Others :
 Sliced Carrot


1. Mix “Tang Flour” and “half of the cornstarch (40g)” in a bowl.



 2. Add Boiling water to flour. Mix quickly with wooden rod to form cooked dough. Then set aside for 5 mins.



 3.After 5 mins, add remaining cornstarch and oil. knead it into soft dough and set aside.

4. Shell the shrimpss,  and remove intestine. Soaked in water with 1/2 tsp salt for 1 min. Rinse well and pat to dry


 5. Cut fresh shrimp meat into small cubes and add seasoning “A”. Mix and stir into paste. Add chopped pork fat, chopped water chestnut and seasonings “B”. Mix them well to form filling.



6.Roll dough into long cylinder shape. Divide it into 20 pieces and press into rounds. Place a little filling in the center and wrap into a dumpling. Then, place the dumplings in refrigerator for at least 1 hour before steaming.



7. Place carrot slices on steamer. Place dumplings onto carrot slices.



8. Bring water to boil. Steam on high heat for 10 minutes.

9. Serve!

Chinese Recipe : Ginger Flavoured Sweet Dumplings

 Ingredients for 16 balls  
 Glutinous rice flour :
 Rice Flour :
 2 tbsp
 Water :
 Slab sugar or Brown Sugar :
 1/2 piece or 30g
 Ginger Flavoured Syrup
 Ginger juice :
 1.5 tbsp
 Slab Sugar :
 1.5 pcs (about 90g)
 Water :
 2 cups



1 Sieve glutinous rice flour and rice flour into bowl. Add water gradually and stir until soft dough is formed. Divide into 16 small balls.

2. Divide half Slab sugar into 16 small pieces.



3. Make a deep dent in each ball and place in a piece of small slab sugar. Close gap and roll into a ball.


4. Put dumplings into half pan of boiling water. Boil it until the dumplings are floating. Dish it up for next step.


5. Method for Ginger Flavoured Syrup: Boil  ginger juice with Slab sugar and water.



6. Put the Dumplings into the syrup. And Boiling for half minute. Serve!


Chinese Recipe: Stir-fried Crab meat with Broccoli


 Broccoli :
 2 pieces
 Crab meat :
 1 cup (From 900g crab)
 Seasoning “A” : For boiling the broccoli  
 Ginger juice :
 1 tsp
 Oil :
 1 tbsp
 Seasoning – For Stir-fry the broccoli  
 Oil :
 Ginger (pounded):
 1 slice
 Salt :
 1/2 tsp
 Rice Wine :
 1 tsp
 Water :
 1/2 cup
 Seasoning – For Crab meat  
 Oil :
 2 tbsp
 Minced Ginger :
 1 tbsp
 Rice wine :
 1 tsp
 Water :
 1 cup
 chicken stock :
 3 tbsp
 Cornstarch :
 Egg White :


 1. Clean the crab. Bring water to boil in large wok, then steam the crabs over high heat for 15 minutes.



2.Boil water with “Seasoning (A)” in a large wok. Blanch the broccoli with boiling water for a while, then dra